Perfectly Flawed…a project in the making
It started in 4th grade with an art project. One of those silhouette drawings….that is when I began hating my nose and definitely my profile because I didn’t have that cute little nose all the other girls had & I’ve hated it ever since! But, I’ve decided that I am going to embrace my flaws, within reason of course 🙂 , and I am wanting to do a little project. I’m looking for a few women who have ‘flaws’….when I say flaws I mean what society views as flaws (freckles, stretch marks, too thin, too curvy, wrong size nose, the list could go on & on). I’m wanting to do a project and I’m looking for a few women who would be comfortable being photographed in their natural state.  If you have a ‘flaw’ and would like to be considered please fill out the form below.  *Please click the link above as the page is being crazy and showing the Senior Rep program instead of the Perfectly Flawed form on the home page & I can’t figure it out* Thanks!
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Ainsley~Coming soon!
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A few months ago my father gave me a few vintage cameras he had been saving up for me 🙂 So, I now the obsession with finding any and all vintage cameras to fill my home!
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I am Looking for 8 2014 Senior Reps!
I am looking for 8 2014 Senior Reps for the area. 4 girls, 4 boys. Senior Reps get a complimentary session & a chance to win prizes like cash, iPod, iPad and their prints at a major discount or for free.
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2014 Senior Rep Program
The Colleen Salmans Photography Senior Rep program is an awesome way to score a free session, prizes, free prints & products or even make a little CASH! What is a Rep?  Well, a rep can be any personality as long as you can be yourself & have fun, talk to your friend & family about Colleen Salmans Photography and if you LOVE to Facebook or Twitter you can brag about Colleen Salmans Photography there too! How does this work?  After you apply you will be notified within a week if you have been accepted or not.  Once you’re accepted, I will ask you to model in a free portrait session with unlimited outfit changes! Yep – Free. I’ll post 10 professionally edited images of my favorites on the Colleen Salmans Photography Facebook, tagging you, so you can share them with friends and family. I’ll also give you a pack of 100 cards with your favorite photo printed on it free of charge, with my studio name on the other side. Your mission: hook up your friends or family with me and get free prints, albums, and more. The more friends you get signing up, the more freebies you score. You […]
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