What to Wear….
Margarita ~ is a soft sage green that reminds me Spring is somewhere around the corner, but not quite here yet! This hue is innocent and graceful, and can be worn as an accent color or as the main piece. Leather shoes and accessories look fantastic alongside this tone. Thinking of booking a spring session? 816.269.7474 to book!
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Valentine Mini’s
These boys were so cute! Polite & smiles all around….the little one even gave me a hug!
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Valentine Mini Sneak Peek!
Now, I’m not going to giveaway the whole Valentine set up but here is a little peek…I love it! There are still some spots open! 816.269.7474 to book.
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A cat, a dog, 2 kids and the snow….
Who says kids can’t have fun in the snow.  Wait!  That’s what I told my kids this morning!  Haha!  I, for one, Hate the cold with a capital H.  I remember as a child having no real sense of being cold or feeling that horrid, dreadful feeling deep down when you realized you must step outside. Into the snow.  Into the cold!  Being an adult makes you so much more aware of how the temperature effects you.  You know that feeling…right?  I know that I’m not alone! LOL  I gave in late this afternoon and let the kids go out to play and I convinced myself to go out and take a few photos….I got the dog, Bentley, who thinks he is our 3rd child and the cat, Scruffles, who could care less about any of us 😉  Hate the cold but the kids sure loved playing in it!
These are the days….of homeschooling
My days have been filled with bed heads, robes, blankets & crayons 🙂  We are mid way through the week and this homeschooling has been an adventure and adjustment for us.  Early morning lessons and late night lesson planning with schedules and timers…lots of timer bells, to keep us on track, all the while trying to make this fun while we get the hang of it.  Please bear with me while I make my way to catching up on messages, emails and mailing out info packets.  I’m getting there.
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