A boy + a tractor + his dog = perfect!
This melts my heart!  It is so easy to see what my husband must have been like at this age.  There are so many things that set my son and husband apart, personality wise, but there are moments that I can see how they are just….the same.  Before my son I could never understand some of the things my husband did or needed because I was raised in a house full of sisters.  Like, that constant need to be snuggled or hugged or holding my hand….I’m not, NO…I wasn’t, a touchy feely person and I just never got it….why did my husband need so much love?  Now, I know that sounds harsh or disconnected and I don’t mean it that way but seriously, boys need so much more affection than girls.  My daughter became independent at such a young age that I expected my son to be the same….and he isn’t.  He still wants to hold my hand, and snuggle with me on the couch, give me kisses in public and just hang out.  All that stopped with my daughter by the time she was 4!  By 4 she dressed herself, didn’t care to hold my hand or snuggle and […]
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Funny faces…whatever…
Outwardly I’m a very serious person, but I’m also a face maker and I make faces at my children daily. No judging! I had no idea what my faces look like so as an experiment I decided to do a few self-portraits…. While making faces 😉 #poorkids #faces #selfie #dontjudge
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Newborn Special ~ Limited time only!
Book a newborn studio session in Harrisonville, MO ($800) and get a lifestyle maternity or family session ($450 value) at no charge! Both sessions come complete with prints, digitals, phone app, fb timeline with the ability to upgrade. valid for newborn sessions mid-June through December 2014 *Payment plans available by contacting me at info@colleensalmansphotography.com or 816.269.7474
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New dos!
New Dos! #littlephotobombers #newdo
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My boy <3
This photo almost breaks my heart a little….you can see a little glimpse of a man in him. When did he start looking so grown up? I’ve missed it until now….
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