We heart Saturday mornings!
<3 Saturday mornings for the simple fact that it is usually the ONLY morning we don’t have something to do or somewhere to go!
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Happy Birthday Bug!
Yesterday was my little girls 10th birthday! She is growing into such a lady but still has those little kid moments.  You never know what kind of mood she is going to be in when starting the day….sometimes she is childlike and playful, other days she is very grown up and serious. A girl that wants to wear dresses to play in the mud, will have meltdowns about a hair out of place when spending the day at home but will go to town with bed head without a care. Being her momma is a roller coaster ride that I never can tell what the day will bring, or what attitude I will be blessed with that day 😉 You moms of tweens and teens know what I’m talking about! Happy Birthday to my Big, little girl Kierstin Bug! I <3 you!
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Watermelon Mini Sessions!
Watermelon Fun mini sessions! **June 7th ONLY** 3 Collections to pick from! All come with a phone app and fb timeline! A great way to kick off the beginning of summer  816.269.7474
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