National Camera Day….
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August ’14 – July ’15 Family Rep!
Very similar to my senior rep program I wanted to offer a special family in the Kansas City area the opportunity to become a Family Rep for  Colleen Salmans Photography!  This an awesome way to score a free session, prizes, free prints & products! What is a Rep?  Well, a rep can be any awesome family as long as you can be yourself & have fun, talk to your friend & family about Colleen Salmans Photography and if you LOVE to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you can brag about Colleen Salmans Photography there too! How does this work?  After you apply you will be notified by July 20th if you have been accepted or not.  Once you’re accepted, I will ask you to model in a free family session! Yep, you heard right – Free. I’ll post 10 of my favorite images from your session and a timeline photo on the Colleen Salmans Photography Facebook, tagging you, so you can share them with friends and family. I’ll also give you a pack of 100 cards with your favorite photo printed on it free of charge, with my studio name on the other side. What do you have to do? Get your friends […]
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“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” ~Marc Brown
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For the love of Rock-n-roll!
Because every little girl has a soft spot in her heart for books, cuddles and rock-n-roll  <3
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