Might as well be with a John Deere…
A boys gotta bathe…might as well be with a John Deere  
Beautiful momma and newborn!
Just one…because I love it so much!
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Sometimes you just have to play in the dirt….and get conned into rubbing a dogs belly
Sometimes you just have to play in the dirt….and get conned into rubbing a dogs belly ūüėČ
Mornings <3
This is my every morning….sometimes they are talking like crazy, being crazy and sometimes they sit quietly, eating their breakfast the way you would imagine 2 people would, who have spent their whole life together…and they have, spent their whole life together. ¬†They shared a room until a year and a half ago but they still choose to have sleep-overs nightly with each other. ¬†They drive each other crazy (me too!) and they play together without a care in the world…for hours! ¬†They are very best of friends! <3
The Krysa Family!
I met Amanda through an online Momprenuers group for the Kansas City area. ¬†We try to support each other through Facebook shares and posting…this is where I saw her story. ¬†There is so much about their situation that pulls at my deepest fears and calls to attention all that I am grateful for, love and adore. ¬†I admire her strength; for her family, for her children and the love and patience she has while dealing with all that life has thrown her way. ¬†In the little time I have spent with her during our prep of their session and on photo day I can say that they are a strong family with a love that runs deep and a determination and faith that is palpable. ¬†Please read her story and help this momma of 2 small boys! Let’s support her and kick cancer in the face! Amanda is a 30 yr old mom with stage 4 breast cancer in her bones and spine. She and her very supportive and amazing husband have been married for over 7 years. They have 2 young boys and Amanda has been battling breast cancer since 2010. Her first cancer diagnosis was on September 23, […]
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