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RAVES!  From my amazingly awesome clients 🙂

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Newborn:  She is an amazing photographer she was great with our newborn! -Ashley J.

Family:  She is an amazing photographer! We have had family pictures taken twice with her now, and have not been disappointed. Love her work!!! Will continue to be repeat clients. -Tiffani M.

Family: You took our first “family” photos and I loved the fact that you drove all they way out to our place to take photos that truely reflected us. You had some amazing ideas and did a great job of talking to the kids to get them to open up and SMILE! I was very impressed of the way they turned out and cant wait to see them in frames all over my house! -Shannon M.

Wedding: Awesome job on our wedding photos. Lots of variety and artistic shots. Thanks for recording our day in such memorable photos. -Robin F.

Wedding: Colleen photographed my wedding that was in Wichita. It was her first wedding, but she did an awesome job! Our photos were so beautiful! DEFINITELY recommend using her for any pics! Thanks Colleen! -Tabitha D.

Newborn: Meeting you for the first time today I had a great first impression. very understanding, since my son was kind of crabby lol, LOVE your work. your ideas, techniques, props, everything was amazing! I’m so glad a friend referred me to you! -Kayla K.

Family: Thanks so much to Colleen for coming out to our place and taking family pictures and belly shots! You made all of us feel super comfortable….and we all had a blast! The pictures turned out awesome and I am so happy with the packages you offer~ I can’t wait till Chloe gets here and get newborn shots done! -Hollie K.

Family: Not just photos, ART! After just one session with Colleen, we will not go anywhere else! This is true talent which captures the beauty of the subjects. I like that the pictures aren’t blank background or cookie cutter poses. Thank you! -Sandra R.

Maternity: Colleen did maternity pictures for me and I love them all! I rarely like pictures of myself but she knows how to capture beauty in every shot. She definately has a talent behind the camera for knowing what posses and angles will make everyone look their best. My husband and I loved the pictures and we can’t wait until our little girl gets here so she can take some great picture of her too! -Nicole R.

Wedding: You have done all my photos…from wedding to family to child …I love how you step out of the box and do diff things not just the same poses that you see every other place. I know that when I have you do my photos that they will be unique every time. I also like how you listen to me about what I like and you always deliver what i am asking for! thank you for sharing your talent with me! -Ashley Whittington 🙂

Boudoir: Dear Colleen, I just wanted to tell you how much I adored my boudoir photos, and how my husband enjoyed them even more! I was so excited to have the chance to do this, finally! I’m so glad that you are in our area now! Going into the photo shoot, and not having a chance to officially meet you beforehand, I was getting really nervous that day. I had done all of my lingerie shopping, had gorgeous shoes, hair curled up the way I wanted it, super cute accessories, but I honestly had no idea what posing in my lingerie was going to be like. And yes, I was shaking a little bit when those first photos started. But really, you were so easy to work with, and let me just be myself. You let me smile and laugh and gave me so much sexy confidence in myself– and that’s the girl he fell in love with, and that’s the side of me that really came through in the photos. When I gave him his book, the cover alone had him in silent awe! His mouth formed this little “o” and he was speechless! He flipped through a few pictures and his grin just got bigger and bigger. We were in a restaurant, so he tucked it away so he could really look it over more later. When we were finally alone for the night, he stared and stared at each picture, saying “I like this one…. Oh, I like this one…. Whoa, I REALLY like this one… Oh my god, I really like this one!” So it was a huge success! One that absolutely, positively, must be repeated now. Thanks again, for giving me an amazing experience and special, memorable gift for my husband. He has given me everything, he is my great love, my best friend, and he brings out the absolute best in me. It was great to be able to give him photographic proof of that! All my best, Jennifer

Boudoir: Just finished my photo shoot with you, like 5 minutes ago!!! What I loved about you was that you were so comfortable to work with, really easy to get to know. The reason I chose working with you in the first place was that when I looked thr…ough your other photos, you have such an eye for detail. And after seeing you rearrange my furniture and accessories… I knew I made the right choice and that you have an incredible talent and an eye for beauty and structure! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the opportunity to do it again! -Jennifer K.

Boudoir:  Amazing pictures makes you feel comfortable! Love the work! 🙂 -Megan E.

Family: Colleen did an amazing job with our family photos. She was very patient with our 6 yr old and 2 yr old, which is MUCH appreciated! She had great ideas for photos, and when we got them back in a very unique proof book, we were very pleased with the results. We had a very hard time picking which ones to order! Thanks, Colleen, for such a wonderful job. We will definately be repeat customers. -Tiffani M.

Newborn: thanks again for doing Adrien’s pics!! i absolutely love em!! you did a wonderful job and you were so patient with him!! cant wait for our next session 🙂 -Lauren S.

Family: We had our Christmas Photo’s taken at Joy Haven and they were the best! Thank you so much Colleen you did an awsome job!! I will be back for more Photo’s in the future!! -Shelle A.

Family: I just got the link to our family photo session and I am in love! The photos are absolutely beautiful, and you captured our little boy PERFECTLY! We paid an astronomical amount for ‘good’ studio photos, but you have the most reasonable price for STELLAR work! We won’t be using any other photographer 🙂 -Mariah S.

Family: Just saw the finished edits from our family session. I can’t wait to order our Christmas cards! I love the way you were able to capture my kiddos personallities. And love Chloe’s newborn shots too! Now I just have choose what we want…and that is so hard! Thanks again! -Hollie K.

Boudoir:  Ladies- 
If you have been debating whether or not to take Boudoir pics, I have to say…JUST DO IT!! It’s an amazing and super fun experience. I was lucky enough to get booked into Colleen’s Boudoir Marathon last month. I was obviously a little nervous going into it, thinking I’d hate the pictures (as most of us know – we are our own worst critics). After sipping on a mimosa while having my makeup and hair done by Glamorous By Jutone Rene -I must say, I was feeling pretty sexy! Colleen made me feel so comfortable (even being outside in the cold with barely anything on!). I actually had a BLAST throughout the whole shoot!
And as far as the actual pictures go…. I LOVE THEM!!! They turned out absolutely gorgeous. I think I walk around feeling a little more confident about myself after the whole experience. And since I thought they were so spectacular – I don’t even have to mention what my significant other thought (he was speechless), and he’s only seen the pictures on the computer – he has to wait til Valentine’s Day to get his book. 
So again – if you’re thinking about doing this, I would say to go for it. It’s an amazing experience I will never forget. Colleen is awesome and will make you look stunning!! 
Thank you Colleen – I’m sure I’ll be coming back for more! 
PS. She took my kiddos pictures too – and they turned out equally amazing! -Sylvia S.



MEGHAN EAGAN - Have to say it was the most fun i ever had. It was a great time. If i had any questions she answered them right there on the spot she knows her stuff! Got my book in the mail yesterday and its amazing! Showed it to my husband and he is in love with it! 🙂 Thank you again! 🙂

Chrissa Prestriedge - Colleen did an amazing job photographing our family ! She was so fun and so patient even when our youngest was getting antsy! Almost all our the pictures were taken with a grasshopper in his pocket (what a great memory). We got so many fun poses done of all of us. I couldn’t be happier!Every time someone new comes to visit our home they always compliment us on our pictures! I have recommended many people to Colleen and would love to have her photograph our family again.

Colleen - Thank you for the review Chrissa! It was great working with you and your cute family!

Erica - Colleen has a keen eye for capturing “the moment.” She has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor which helps to bring out the best in others. If you want the best, then it is truly Colleen. She is an awesome individual. Love you!

Chrissa Prestriedge - Colleen took our family picture’s again. I figured there was NO way she could top our last session and she did! She was again so patient with our youngest and made the session so much fun! Hoping she can photograph our family again in the future I know nobody else would compare.

Trisha Ricketts - I have met very few people as modest as Colleen, even less who possess such photographical talent. She is a picture of humility, and in the way of promotion her own worst enemy. I, however, cannot in good conscience allow the authenticity and value of her talent to be downplayed.

Colleen made herself extensively available to me prior to our session, giving guidance on prospective outfits and props, even serving to assist in sorting out logistical challenges. She scouted out an amazing location for our shoot, and was helpful in every way leading up to it.

Due in no part whatsoever to Colleen, our actual session was hectic. Between our hundred-pound, energetic Golden Retriever and her thirteen-month-old little sister, taking photos was bound to be a challenge. I must also confess that I did not pack enough snacks at the beginning of the day, and lunch was completely overlooked in the chaos of getting dressed. Everyone was operating on an empty stomach. Faced with these challenges along with the soggy April ground and gusty wind, Colleen still managed to create a low pressure, positive atmosphere.

Colleen has mastered the art of extreme multi-tasking, and is able to assume roles of both director and collaborator. She gracefully applied her experience when suggesting posing and props while welcoming our ideas and agenda. Though Colleen’s execution of the shoot was quite impressive, I must admit that I was discouraged by the challenges our family and the weather had so obviously presented. I could only hope and pray she had gotten one or two usable shots.

To my most sincere shock and amazement, she later produced an entire book of dazzling images of our family. Quite obviously a skilled editor, Colleen has managed to present us in the most glamorous way I have ever seen while still maintaining a very natural, even effortless, impression. Only a true artist can make maximum elegance seem effortless, and Colleen Salmans does so fluently.

The quality of service, professionalism, and acute attention to detail persisted throughout the ordering process, delivery, and follow-up. She made us feel important, like the center of her universe, for the duration of our project. I desired flattering, timeless photos with which to share with friends and family and impress my future grandchildren. My expectations were far exceeded. Colleen Salmans is a photographer, an artist, of the highest caliber, and it was truly a blessing to be the recipient of her talent and efforts. THANK YOU, COLLEEN!

Keasha R. - My family had the pleasure of having our family pictures taken by Colleen this past June. It was a hot, humid day and our three children were being stubborn, but Colleen never lost patience with us and was so GOOD communicating with our children the whole time. Towards the ending of the shoot I figured Colleen hadn’t really gotten a lot of pictures due to three extremely curious, uncooperative children. But today I received a great surprise in the mail…our family pictures!! I was blown away by the pictures she had taken, and how she had somehow still captured our personalities whilst dealing with my hectic family of five! I loved the packaging the pictures came in and the personalized CD case displaying some of our pictures. I absolutely ADORED the handwritten note from Colleen, and the over-all professionalism demonstrated. Thank you, Colleen!!! -The Roberts Family.

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